Mobile Tornado (AIM: MBT), is a leading provider of Push to Talk (PTT) solutions for Tier1 Mobile Operators and Solution Providers specializing in rendering of Instant Communications services for mobile devices, with a focus on Resource Management.

The Company’s range of solutions comprising of Resource Management (WFM), Instant Talk, Instant Locate, Instant Alert & Instant Message is geared towards improving the productivity and performance of businesses by enabling organizations and workers to connect one-to-one or one-to-many at the touch of a button.


Mobile Tornado’s IPRS™ technology

Mobile Tornado’s patented Internet Protocol Radio Service (IPRS™) technology has been successfully deployed on many mobile networks around the world. The suite of IP-based services provides instantaneously, ‘always-on’, bandwidth-efficient communication across a wide range of mobile networks and devices, including LTE / 4G, the services also work on Wi-Fi. Both technical and cost performance are superior to many competing services and technologies, with proven success in the current marketplace.



By equipping their workforce with conventional mobile handsets and Mobile Tornado’s Instant Communication services, organizations can better manage their resources, communicate with employees, monitor location, and immediately be alerted of major issues – an ideal solution for lone workers.



The Company is headquartered in Harrogate, UK with R&D facilities in the UK, Israel, and India.

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