Case Studies

Secured Logistics and Transportation


The challenge: When dealing with High-risk goods, communication must be reliable, dynamic and real-time for guards, drivers, and dispatchers.
The company was using an old LMR system and required a better solution to answer cases such as versatile communication, geo-based calls, and emergency alerts.

The solution: Mobile Tornado’s carrier-grade redundant solution has been implemented. The solution was adapted to support the customer’s end devices (Zebra TC56), Remapping of buttons for PTT usage via Zebra’s Barcode scanning app and Full integration with Zebra’s MDM module to ensure PTT installation & usage.

Pharmaceuticals companies


The Challenge: Such companies ensures the protection of its premises and surroundings with security guard groups in charge of all detailed protection, with the constant need to communicate between factory personnel and groups regardless of each other’s location.  Most of the factory personnel and security guards are posted in hazardous locations, which requires special devices.

The solution: PoC service powered by Mobile Tornado ensuring always-on communications, Private and Group calling with detailed priorities. In addition, the customer uses Mobile Tornado’s dispatch consoles to manage and monitor the activities of all security units, including location and event management.

Road construction, engineering, and waste management

The challenge: The customer has a large fleet of trucks that are used on predefined routes, goods delivery, and construction sites work. The group operates over 1,000 vehicles of different types and purposes.
This day to day operation challenge requires constant communication and supervision.

The solution:
Mobile Tornado’s solution replacing the Motorola iDEN radios in all group companies. Push to talk over multiple types of networks provided the group operation centers with national coverage allowing access using Car Kits and Rugged PTT devices back to the network. 

About: This customer profile is a diversified company providing the public and private sectors with road construction, paving, road and structure rehabilitation, engineering construction, waste management, transit operations, highway operations, and maintenance services.

Rail Services Security


The challenge: Need for assessment on possible threats on an hourly basis, by security guards.
Hundreds of security guards, which in charge of Dock Safety procedures, Train Safety, and Customers safety - boarding the train.

While arriving on the field, the guard should inform the operations room on arrival and if there is a possible event to take place, which will have to be recorded, allow the on-site camera to video record and record the audio as well.

Upon the event, the guard clicks on the SOS button which automatically initiates Mobile Tornado's Dispatcher to allow full-duplex call and record the audio call, and for the Dispatcher on duty to activate the Video camera to record the whole event.

The solution: All security guards are using Rugged devices – aimed mainly for public safety.
Several Dispatcher clients that handle daily activities: 

  • PTT Call Management

  • Location Tracking

  • Managing Alarm events

  • Recording of all network calls

Nationwide Taxi corporation


The challenge: Replace a traditional LMR radio system (VHF) that suffered from bad coverage (only 60% of the serviced zone was covered) and old equipment that was expensive to service.

The solution: branded Mobile Tornado PTT Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC) service with dedicated devices to each driver. in addition, there are 4 controllers in Dispatch Centers and 3 controllers in remote branches, providing service nationwide. 

  • Talk groups: The drivers are associated with several talk-groups and by default listen to the main channel with more than 600 users.

  • One-to-one calls: can be established by the dispatchers only.

  • Alarms: The drivers can also press an emergency button (SOS) to initiate an alarm in the center. 

  • Ambient listening: can be initiated by the dispatchers as a reaction to the emergency alarms. 

  • Location tracking: the dispatchers also track the location of the drivers and they can initiate a call using the map.

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