Dispatch Console

The command and control centre for the management of remote workers

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Managing a remote workforce’s mission-critical and day-to-day operations rely on communication lines that are always open and available. It requires robust and dependable technology to support and secure field workers, tethered to home base via a mobile PTT solution. This is where the Mobile Tornado’s MDC2000 Dispatch Console comes in.

Call Types

PTT one-to-one and large
group calls

Voice recording

Calls between the user and Dispatcher are recorded during
an alarm event

Monitoring & Tracking

Real-time monitoring and
tracking on demand


Audit log of actual locations

PTT Session Priorities

Urgent sessions that can be established by Dispatchers only

Alarm events

Handle incoming alerts and managing SOS priority calls/events

Geographical fencing

Get notifications on staff entering/leaving specific zones

Unified management

Full control over device features and user permissions


Introducing the MDC2000, a multi-session dispatch console that serves as a command and control center for the management of remote workers in the security, transportation, retail, manufacturing, and other sectors. It provides controllers with wide-ranging functionality that enables individual and group communications, emergency (SOS), assistance, location monitoring, and more.

The MDC2000 application is an integrated part of the Mobile Tornado end-to-end Push-To-Talk solution. Adding the MDC2000 Dispatch Console is easy and no modifications to the PTT solution are needed.

MDC2000 Main Benefits

  • Full Feature Display Console ecosystem with accessories (speakers/mics/pedals)
  • Supports up to 64 simultaneous Radio group sessions
  • Subscriber and device configuration management
  • Easy branding, made by the customer
  • Enables multi-functional map view
  • Enhanced recording capabilities

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