Operation Models

Choosing the right operation model?

Mobile Tornado helps customers by offering various operation models to meet a requirement of the new world of the business, evolving at a faster pace than ever before. Our solutions can be tailored to the required business models according to the size and activities spectrum.

PTT Software as a Service

SaaS eliminates the need to install and run PTT platform on own data centers, expenses of hardware acquisition, maintenance, 3rd party software licensing, installation and hardware support. Other benefits of the SaaS model include:

  • Pay-as-you-grow model to allow our partners more predictable budgeting.
  • We offer flexible scalability to use more, or fewer devices, features and licenses on-demand.
  • Our partners can rely on Mobile Tornado SaaS to automatically perform updates and patch management.
  • Access them from any Internet-enabled mobile device and location worldwide.

The PTT Software-as-a-Service is rendered from the cloud, allowing our partners to focus solely on onboarding and signing-up of new customers.

Enterprise-Grade platforms

An on-premises turn-key platform is designed for ease of in-house deployment at data centers of enterprises or government agencies who wish to have their own PTToC platform exclusively.

In addition to large-scale PTT platforms, an entry-level PTToC appliance with the full feature set including High Availability options is available for small and mid-size enterprises.

Our PTT appliances are an ideal solution for isolated organizations that use private LTE or Wi-Fi networks.

Carrier-Grade PTT Platforms

Carriers and Resellers, who prefer to rely on their own IT infrastructure, can maintain the PTT platform in-house and facilitate a suitable capacity, secure environment and availability. PTToC platform can be hosted in an on-premises data center, running on servers, using storage and networking hardware of the Carrier as well as the virtualisation layer.

As part of our value-added program, Mobile Tornado provides a wide range of supplement services, including remote monitoring, planning, analysis, backup, upgrade, and recovery.

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