Assessment on possible threats on an hourly basis

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The Challenge

Need for assessment on possible threats on an hourly basis, by security guards. Hundreds of security guards, which in charge of Dock Safety procedures, Train Safety, and Customers safety – boarding the train. While arriving on the field, the guard should inform the operations room on arrival and if there is a possible event to take place, which will have to be recorded, allow the on-site camera to video record and record the audio as well. Upon the event, the guard clicks on the SOS button which automatically initiates Mobile Tornado’s Dispatcher to allow full-duplex call and record the audio call, and for the Dispatcher on duty to activate the Video camera to record the whole event.

The Solution

All security guards are using Rugged devices – aimed mainly for public safety.
Several Dispatcher clients that handle daily activities:

PTT  Call Management
Tracking Managing Alarm events
Recording of all network calls


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Operation models

Mobile Tornado helps customers by offering various operation models to meet a requirement of the new world of the business, evolving at a faster pace than ever before.

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