Push to Talk

Instant voice communications with individuals as
well as large groups of participants in one call

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Our PTT application runs on a very wide range of smart devices, PTT rugged devices, and feature phones. Our PTT is operating on various Operating Systems including Android & iOS. Users can make private one- to-one calls or broadcast to a large group with a single push of a button. Online presence updates include online, offline and page-me. PTT calls have worldwide coverage over IP networks (cellular, Wi-Fi, LAN and others), and our application is agnostic to Mobile Network Operators.

Real time

Reliable real-time PTT over
Cellular and Broadband, as well
as very high voice quality

Large Groups

 Enabling private (one-to-one),
and large group calls

Extremely Fast

Fast deployment with zero infrastructure


Providing user presence and status


Bandwidth consumption is as low as 2KB, equivalent to a 200MB in common monthly use. This low usage rate saves a large amount of money to the organisation spent on a bigger data package. There are several types of sessions, including private and group sessions. The latter includes conference and chat rooms (radio groups), default, ad-hoc and personal groups, as well as priority alert (SOS) sessions & emergency groups.

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