Mobile Tornado's Push-To-Locate allows for tracking on individuals, crew members, dispatched relief workers, officers and other assets using GPS-enabled devices. With our Push-To-Locate feature, workforce can be quickly located in cases of emergency.

Mobile Tornado's IPRS™ software installed on the GPS-enabled device will automatically attempt to derive its location at pre-defined update intervals.

Dispatch operators can request location update, set and track Geo-Fencing events, and initiate Location based PTT ad-hoc group call.

Whether you are setting up security perimeters, managing a fleet, first responder or other, Push-To-Locate is a must have ability in your organization allowing you for better management of your workforce

Main Features


Reliable real-time Push-to-Talk over Cellular and Broadband, as well as very high voice quality


Automatic location information once the SOS button is clicked

Event management

Discreet feedback on alert treatment progress

Monitoring & Tracking

Real-time monitoring and tracking on demand

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